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Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian backs cityhood of Carmona

Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian has declared his support for the bill to turn Carmona into a component city of Cavite.

Gatchalian said he was voting in favor of the measure even though he had dissented with the passage last year of Republic Act 11683, which provided the requirements for the conversion of a municipality into a component city.

According to him, Carmona has complied with the new income and population requirements set forth in the new law.

He also noted that the League of Cities of the Philippines has supported the conversion of Carmona.

The bill would also help Carmona’s progress, he said.

“With the enactment of this measure, more industries will be encouraged to invest in Carmona. That’s why we have in our hands the key in opening many opportunities towards the development of the local economy of the entire Cavite,” he said.