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Coffee shop inspires Silang Councilor Ivee Asuncion Reyes to write advanced Valentine’s letter for hubby

Silang Councilor Ivee Asuncion Reyes spent time in a letter-themed coffee shop, and was inspired to write her own love note to her hubby.

In a Facebook post, Reyes said that while waiting to meet someone at Dear Joe coffee shop, she spotted some stationery at the table.

It inspired her to write a love letter to her “ex-boyfriend.”

The cool weather in Silang added to the ambiance and made her feel romantic. It was also the perfect atmosphere for sipping coffee, she said.

She is now ready with her Valentine’s Day message for her hubby, she said.

She found the perfect place to write love letters!

“Kelan ka huling gumawa ng love letter sa crush o minamahal mo?

Kanina habang may inaantay ako na kaibigan at kameeting sa Dear Joe ay may nakita akong mga papel sa table, may pa stationery pala si Dear Joe

Nakapagsulat tuloy ako ng love letter sa ex boyfriend ko

Nakaka inlove naman po talaga ang weather sa Silang, sabay inom ng kape. Naiadvance ko po ata ngayon ang valentine message ko kay mister,” Reyes posted.