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Dasmariñas Mayor Jenny Barzaga honors “Dollhouse” writer

Dasmariñas Mayor Jenny Barzaga is very proud of resident Rona Lean “Onay” Sales.

Sales is the writer behind the hit Netflix show “Dollhouse.”

Barzaga presented a certificate of recognition to Sales for her accomplishment and recognized her as a Pride of Dasma.

Sales’ Dollhouse tells the story of a troubled rock band singer who sets out to rekindle a relationship with his long lost daughter.

The show is a certified tearjerker and is one of the most popular show on the streaming site.

Who knew it has a Dasma connection?

“A NETFLIX HIT: Dollhouse. Writer, Ms Onay Sales is a City of Dasmariñas resident and a Pride of Dasma recipient,” Barzaga posted.