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Taytay Council approves responsible pet ownership ordinance

The Taytay Council has approved an ordinance that will require pet owners to take better care of their pets or face penalties for failing to do so.

The council passed the responsible pet ownership ordinance on third and final reading, and it is only awaiting the mayor’s signature before it could take effect, according to Taytay Councilor Tobit Cruz.

Cruz said the ordinance would require pet owners to see to it that their furry friends would not wander around town without a guard or a leash.

It would also task them to ensure that the pets would not defecate in public places, he said.

It would also require the owners to register the pets and to have them vaccinated.

It further states that the owners must treat their pets well, he said.

Pet owners who would fail to abide by these rules would face penalties, said Cruz.

The measure also provides for free spaying and neutering services from the municipal government, he noted.