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Rizal Gov. Nina Ynares expresses admiration for mom on her birthday

Rizal Gov. Nina Ynares shared just how much she admires her mom as she greeted the latter on her birthday.

In a Facebook post, Ynares said her mother Nini, the province’s former governor, is seen as a hall of famer, environmentalist, and a firm and uncompromising administrator.

Her friends admire the sharpness of her mother’s wit and the latter’s youthful looks, she said.

She also said she learned to be steadfast, honest, and brave from her mother.

Her mom taught her to be a multi-tasker as she had juggled being a mother, the province’s mother, the first lady, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a grandmother.

Former Governor Nini likewise made her children feel secure and comforted, while also setting the bar high for them because of her achievements, she said.

Her mother is the original, and the original will always be the best, she added.

Her mom is one of a kind!

“To everyone you are the hall of famer, the environmentalist. A “firm” administrator, never compromising.

My friends always are left with their jaws dropping at how sharp you are (even millennial levels) in awe of how young (for your age) you have always looked. They ask the secret to your beauty, and I always say ….. simplicity! Less is always more (in every sense).

Natuto kami SA iyo ng katatagan, katapatan at katapangan. Kung pano maging multitasker. Napag sabay-sabay mo ang maging ina ng tahanan, ina ng Lalawigan, First Lady at kabiyak. Isa kang ulirang anak, maalagang ate SA iyong mga kapatid, overprotective na lola.

At kung may sakit kami, we always feel secure that you are on top of things, yet we are comforted with your gentle touch.

You always succeed in all your endeavors. You have set the bar and standards for us to follow. (Medyo mahirap at mataas nga lang) You are the original and the original is always the best (my siblings are nowhere near your flawlessness


I am proud and grateful, and I am blessed that you are my mother, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy happy Birthday mama! Mudrakels, mother dear, Gob Nini! We love you to the moon and back over and over!” the governor posted.