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Laguna Rep. Ruth Mariano Hernandez pens sweet bday message for her hubby

Laguna Rep. Ruth Mariano Hernandez let the world know how lucky she feels to be married to Laguna Gov. Ramil Hernandez.

She shared a sweet note on Facebook for her hubby’s birthday, where she described him as her partner in life and public service, travel buddy, nutritionist, personal photographer, best friend, and sometimes enemy.

She said she is thankful to the Lord for his life because he is a blessing to their family and to the people he serves.

She is proud of him because despite his achievements, he remains humble and grounded, she said.

They share the same values of God, family, and service to the people, for which she is thankful.

She also expressed her gratitude to him for always supporting her.

They will be there for each other no matter what happens, she said.

“To my partner in life and public service, my travel buddy, nutritionist, personal photographer, my best friend, sometimes my enemy too hehe

, Governor Ramil Hernandez , Happy Happy Birthday to you! I always thank God for your life because you are indeed a blessing to our family and the people that you serve. I am proud of the person that you have become because in spite of what you have achieved in life, you remained simple, down to earth and grounded. I thank God because we hold the same values of what are truly essential in life – God, family and service to the people (as we both believe this is our mission). Thank you for supporting me through and through and for always believing in me. Know that i am always here for you no matter what and together we will support and help each other live our purpose according to the will of God, for his greater glory

I love you

,” she posted.