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Real Mayor Bing Diestro Aquino learns to slow down after health scare

Real Mayor Bing Diestro Aquino had a health scare recently when she experienced a sharp pain on the right side of her head.

It was an unusual kind of pain that did not completely go away, and she was advised to undergo some tests at the hospital, Aquino shared on Facebook.

She went to the emergency room and underwent some tests.

Thankfully, she was cleared from any serious neurological concerns, and her doctors would just have to manage the pain and correct her sleeping pattern.

But Aquino has also learned some lessons from this experience, which seemed to her like a reminder from her late father to take care of her health.

She realized that she never really had a complete rest after her father passed away, as her way of coping with grief was to have sleepless nights and to keep herself busy.n

The fact that her health scare happened right before her dad’s birthday showed that he was reminding her to sleep well, eat well and be healthy, she said.

She recalled that months before he died, her father did not get enough sleep.

She is certain that he does not want her to experience what he did.

So this time, the mayor will take time to rest and will not take life too heavily despite the sources of stress around her.

Her father has reminded her that she has to do her best to live long as there are a lot of things ahead of her, she said.

She thanked her dad for this reminder and vowed to do her best to take care of herself while taking care of others.

By being in the best health, she could finish what they had started!

“Last Thursday, around midnight, I had a health scare. I experienced a sudden sharp pain at the right side of my brain, so different from the usual common headaches that I frequently experience these past weeks. I held my head tightly. I thought I had a stroke, signs of aneurysm or something because I dont feel well these past days. Rainier asked me to just close my eyes. The next day i went back to office but I have observed that the pain was still there with a dullness at the right side of my head that doesn’t just go off.

I decided to call Mom’s neurologist, Dr. Esteban Pasol and he immediately advised me to go to the E.R., undergo some tests, M.R.I. and be admitted. I thank God that at this time, I am cleared from any serious neurological concerns. They just had to manage the pain and we need to correct the sleeping pattern.

When I was inside the M.R.I., i am praying and hoping that nothing is wrong so I can go back to Real for Dad’s Birthday, that I need to prepare a lot of things for the coming week, etc. Until it finally hit me – Since he was gone, I never had a complete rest.

We have different ways to cope with grief. To me it is having some sleepless nights and I kept myself busy. I often forgot to pause and savor the goodness of life. It dawned on me that for this to happen right before Dad’s birthday, he is reminding me to sleep well, eat well and be healthy. He lacked sleep for months before he passed and I know he does not want it to happen to me. It is a reminder for me to set a time for rest and to not take life too heavily despite all the stressors around me. He reminded me that I have to make the best effort to live long for there are still so many things ahead of me.

Thank you, Dad. It’s your birthday, but you are gifting me with a life lesson. Though I cannot see and hug you tomorrow, I will be there on your birthday. I will always remember and honor you and Kuya Dave. I will now do my best to take care of myself too, as I take care of others, so I can finish what we have started together,” Aquino posted.