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Go Joe! Infanta Vice Mayor LA Ruanto proud of Biden’s team

There are good people working on the team of US presidential candidate.

Infanta Vice Mayor LA Ruanto knows this because Steven Schale, who is part of Biden’s campaign, is his mentor and good friend.

In a Facebook post, Ruanto said he would always be proud of Schale and his team, whether they win or lose the race.

They have been with Biden since 2015, and they had a great run that is now coming full circle, he said.

Will his friend make it to the White House?

We can hope!

“Win or Lose, I’ll always be proud of my mentor and good friend strategist Steven Schale together with his team working on Joe Biden’s campaign ever since the SuperPAC Draft Biden in 2015. It was indeed a great run that took 5 years to happen and now coming in full circle

#BlueWave2020 #KeepTheFaith #UniteTheWorld,” Ruanto posted.