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Pasan niya ang daigdig! Calamba Mayor Timmy Chipeco is happy to carry his wife

The secret to the enduring, loving relationship of Calamba’s LavTim can be clearly explained by one thing.

Calamba Mayor Timmy Chipeco is happy to do everything for his wife Laverne, including carrying her no matter how heavy she gets.

Laverne shared this tidbit about their relationship as she greeted the love of her life on his birthday.

She also shared a photo on Instagram of the mayor laughing while giving her a piggyback ride.

She thanked her hubby for going the extra mile for their relationship and she is sure they are growing in the lord together.

In return for his loving ways, she said Timmy deserves all the love and respect. She also thanked him for blessing her with wonderful children.

The two of them will be undertaking more journeys together in the years to come, piggyback ride or not!

“This basically sums up our relationship ❤ carrying me while I’m heavy but still showing the world that you are happy doing it because you love doing everything for me ? you have done extra mile for this relationship and I know we are growing in the Lord together. I love how you love me. You deserve all the love and respect for being the person that you are. You are the reason why I have beautiful and blessed children. Thank you for journeying this life with me and there will be more and more birthdays to come ❤ Happy 30th birthday Mr. Chipeco ??,” Laverne posted.