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Seeing double? Calamba Mayor Timmy Chipeco’s son is his carbon copy

Looks like even Calamba’s First Lady Lav Chipeco is hard put to find the difference between Calamba Mayor Timmy Chipeco’s baby picture and that of their son Coby.

Lav shared the side by side baby picture of the mayor and of Coby on Instagram, and asked her followers to spot the difference between the two.

For us, there’s hardly any, as the two are virtual carbon copies of each other, from their round heads to their chubby cheeks.

Lav also noted that none of her two children took after her in looks. Even their firstborn Jayla looks like a female Timmy.

Don’t worry, mayora. Your two babies are still look adorable!

“Timmy VS Coby. Tell me what you thinkkkk ???? #okdikoparinkamukha #ilavjacob,” she captioned the photo.