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To protect drivers, P’que Rep. Olivarez proposes dashcams for PUVS

Parañaque City 1st District Rep. Eric Olivarez is proposing a law that requires drivers and operators of public utility vehicles (PUVs) to install dashboard cameras in their units.

Olivarez said the gadget will ensure the maximum safety and protection of drivers and passengers.

“A ‘dash cam’ is a device attached to the vehicle that can monitor and record all of the automobile’s activities,” the lawmaker said.

“It can provide a record of police behavior during traffic stops, documenting incidents of road rage and recording events leading up to accidents caused by drunk drivers, sleepy or wayward drivers for reporting to insurance companies,” he added.

In Australia, Olivarez said, dash cams has led to an 80 percent reduction in vehicular accidents.

The device can also record one’s driving speed, road routes, direction, seat belt usage and steering and braking events, according to Olivarez.

The Parañaque lawmaker noted that 85 percent of road accidents in the country were caused by drivers’ errors and traffic violations.

Under the “Dashcam Act of 2015,” the installation and use of a dashboard camera system shall be required for PUVs.
Owners and operators of taxi franchises, bus lines and other vehicles for public utility shall be required to procure dashcams and install these for all its units.

No bus, taxi, or any other PUV, shall be allowed registration and renewal of registration by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) without the device after the one-year grace period expiration.